My "Creations!"

I am slowly learning to "re-do" things in order to save some money :D Clothes included! Here is my first attempt to turn a $5 thrift store find into a cute sundress for myself!

**Warning** The following picture you are about to see may be too frightening for some..

 Yikes! Shoulder pads, puffy sleeves, gaudy gold button adornments and matching belt!! But I was able to salvage the cute print to make this for the summer time....

Yea! I was so proud of myself!! It has a ruffle or top layer to it (whatever the correct term) but you can really see it in the photo :(  I was still very proud of my $5 dress!!!

Alix's New Bedroom!!
Soooo My little girl is growing up and way too fast! It was time to change the nursery decor to an independent, not stop talking, kinda stubborn toddler's room. I only wanted to spend around $150 for the transformation so I only purchased paint, fabric and some garage sale finds. The idea for the room actually came from fabric I used to make her a book holder.. it was a pink, green and yellow flowered pattern. So this is what I got from it....

I forgot to convert the crib into a toddler bed before I took pictures but oh well. This was lots of fun for me and I was covered in pink paint for a couple of days :D My total bill was $120 so I was very happy.. and so was the hubby! hehe
Hope your inspired to create your own!! I had no idea I could pull something like this out of nothing!

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